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I purchased a pre rolled pizza base on baking paper from my local aldi supermarket.(requires no rolling)

After I topped and cooked the said base. I sat down to enjoy a slice of pizza, it was on third *** of pizza I bit into it and felt something hard as I crunched down. upon removal of the piece of pizza, I saw a piece of metal, embedded inside the pastry, after I picked the pastry away, I found the offending object which appeared to be some kind of metal bracket, with a screw hole in the middle.this object cut my tongue and chipped one of my back teeth, causing my mouth to bleed, and giving me discomport.

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It looks like a hanging bracket. Probably above the work area.

If you have an injury due to this that caused an expense, file a claim, go to the dentist and instruct them to send the bill to whatever place you filed a claim.

I received a broken toe at a local major hardware store. That's what I did and I never receied a bill.

Also, once at a all-you-can-eat restaurant, I found a bloody used finger bandage in my mashed potatoes!

Gross. Apparently, one of the prep cooks was mashing potatoes with his hands (while he had an open wound on his fingers with a bandage), and he lost the bandage in the mashed potatoes.

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